The Summit on Responsible Decentralized Intelligence —— Future of Decentralization and AI, hosted by Berkeley RDI, aims to bring together researchers, innovators, thought leaders, and builders to showcase and discuss responsible innovation in decentralization and AI for a greater future for humanity.

In particular, the event will include topics on how AI/ML and decentralization technology can help each other, and how to build a full decentralized, open source stack for AI/ML, including 1) decentralized ML infra such as decentralized training, inference, provenance, integrity guarantees, 2) open source data, model, and tooling, 3) personalized AI with privacy and trustworthiness; 4) democratic and decentralized process for AI governance and alignment. We hope this summit will provide an opportunity for researchers from diverse backgrounds including AI/ML, Security & Privacy, game theory, economics, decentralization technology, to get together and cross pollinate to help seed the initial discussions in this important space and make advancement in responsible AI with decentralization.

Date:   August 6, 2024

Venue:   New York City

See the 2023 Summit, with over 1,000 in-person attendees and 8k+ live stream views.

The Summit is hosted by Berkeley RDI, a multi-disciplinary campus-wide center, focusing on advancing the science and technology of decentralization and decentralized intelligence, to make it universally accessible and empower a responsible digital economy.

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